David L. Holloway A.I.A    Architect

 Robert Dunn Howerton, P.H.D. P.E

        Howard M. Patterson, JR, Developer

        Charles M. Patterson, Retired General Contractor

Jim Patterson, P.E. 1937-2010

​       Charles M. Patterson, P.E., Developer 

       Chad Meriwether Patterson,                 General Contractor 

Mark R. Patterson, Builder, Financial Dir.

​        William L. Patterson, General Contractor,            Real Estate Broker 



     850.737.1059  williamlp@aol.com

Howard Sr. @ P & D Engineers'

   "punch bowl party"

Howard and his two Sons Mark & Chad building their own Bed & Breakfast 

Jim & his older brother Charlie with Charlie's 2nd home built plane

  Pat, Jim & Bill . 1929 Ford Tri-Motor